EXTERIOR Letter Embossing

Letter Embossing, 5mm height - available in A-Z Uppercase letters, 0-9 figures, & ? ! 
Max of 15 characters


Available on all templates 


You may add multiple add-ons to your cart for a single Made-to-Order item


Featured in 1st pic: Letter Embossing on Slim Tote S in A14 Red-Brown

2nd pic: on Flap Crossbody M in A12 Classic Black (BACK position)

3rd pic: on Peek Pouch M in A12 Classic Black


All MTO orders are required to have the selection of:

  • Step 1 - Template
  • Step 2 - Exterior Fabric
  • Step 3 - Interior Fabric
  • Step 4 - Add-on(s) (optional)

in the cart before checking out. (Repeat Steps 1-4 for subsequent items) 


All MTO items are subjected to a waiting time of 4 weeks for completion. For urgent purchases / gifts, browse the Ready-to-Carry collection.

Vertical Position


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