EXTERIOR Calligraphy Embroidery

Cursive text stitched on exterior fabric with polyester thread. Choice of black, white and cream thread. Aligned on center.


Available on all templates 


You may add multiple add-ons to your cart for a single Made-to-Order item


Featured in 1st pic: Cream thread on Peek Pouch S in A15 Denim Blue, aligned bottom-center

2nd pic: Cream thread on Slim Tote S in A17 Forest Green, aligned top-center

3rd pic: Black thread on Peek Pouch M in A16 Rose Pink, aligned top-center

4th pic: White thread on Drawtring Backpack M in A14 Red-Brown, aligned top-center (on flap)

All MTO orders are required to have the selection of:

  • Step 1 - Template
  • Step 2 - Exterior Fabric
  • Step 3 - Interior Fabric
  • Step 4 - Add-on(s) (optional)

in the cart before checking out. (Repeat Steps 1-4 for subsequent items) 


All MTO items are subjected to a waiting time of 4 weeks for completion. For urgent purchases / gifts, browse the Ready-to-Carry collection.

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