Hi, do you / can you make _____?


All items listed on this webpage are things that I've figured out how to make over my course of trial and error. If you have any other items that you would like to see, please leave a suggestion through the form below! I'll definitely consider it if its within my abilities :)


Why only faux leather?


Different materials requires different skill sets, sewing techniques and machines.

For simplicity and consistency, I've decided to only use one material at the moment and focus on mastering the sewing techniques involved before I attempt on other materials.


Are there discounts for multiple purchases / add-ons?


All items (and add-ons) are priced according to the costs of materials and the time required to make them. As the time required to make each item is independent of the quantity produced, I'm unable to offer any discounts for multiple purchases / add-ons. 

How do I remove stains / creases?


Microfiber Leather is a water-resistant material which requires minimal maintenance. For minor dirt marks / stains, use a damp cloth/ magic sponge (with or without soap) to wipe them off. You may use rubbing alcohol *with caution* (i.e. nail polish remover) for tougher stains. Air-dry to remove any unwanted smells.


For interior cotton/linen linings, use a damp cloth with mild soap (bar soap is recommended) to rub off stains and air-dry after to dry.

Any creases on faux leather should fade overtime with use of the item as the loaded weight will naturally smooth out the creases.

Do not machine-wash / iron / bleach.

Is there any maintenance required for faux leather?

As a rule of thumb, prolonged UV exposure, high humidity and heat should be avoided. 

A regular wipe-down with a damp cloth should suffice for the maintenance of microfiber leather. A leather conditioner/cleaner (i.e.https://www.bata.com.sg/bata-care-smooth-leather-cleaner-9900002) will be a good option to use if you have one handy.