is a simple abbreviation for 'Grace sews' and is a solo venture by me (Grace), which makes me a full-time Happy Maker.

The very core of what GSEWS offers lies in the customisation process that hopes to land a different product in every user's hands that is uniquely theirs. A hand-lettered tag or a choice of floral printed interior all go some length to complement its owner's personality.

The brand name first started off as a Carousell account selling tote bags I made. It was officially launched as a full-time operation in Feb 2015 but the love for making traced all the way back when I was cross-stitching at age 10 and fiddling with craft papers. 

Operating from a home workspace, every GSEWS' item is made from scratch personally in my humble abode, with an operating system tailored to my capacity and dexterity. A one-man show very often doesn't work out, but in my case, it does, thankfully. 


With a one-man operation comes many limitations, and doing my best is my only promise. 

What I do now and how I do it is the accumulation of everything I learnt through my education, people I meet and my failures and successes. It is a reflection of my beliefs and ideas while in pursuit of personal growth. 

GSEWS will definitely keep evolving, as I do, albeit staying as a solo home operation, to becoming better in more ways than one. It is with great hope that this little venture will inspire others and create happy smiles along the way.


With Love,
The Happy Maker
Grace Kwan