Gsews is a solo venture by 22-year-old Grace to pursue her passion for making. Every Gsews' item is made from scratch (and made to order) according to each individual's preference for the item's design, fabric colour and option add-ons. Grace never believed in making the exact same thing for two different people; there's just got to be something that sets two people apart, be it the color they like or their character. 

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F R O M   T H E   U S E R S   T H E M S E L V E S

"Customised item feels more personalised and special because it is to every individual's preferences, and every item is unique and represents us (buyers) as we carry something close to use daily which also shows our character."  - Roselind Leong

"Definitely (love) the handmade part, which makes them one-of-a-kind, with every piece different and invested with effort!" - Cassandra Chua

As a home-based one-man operation, everything at Gsews is kept simple, including the price tag. There is no marketing / advertising costs, rental, wages and no complicated business-operating strategies. The price of each item is set according to the material costs and time spent making the item, a fair pricing strategy for anyone purchasing as well as for myself.


Price of each item = Material Costs + Time  Spent working on the item

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